23 Aug 2014

Tuhoe say they will work with Crown

8:38 am on 23 August 2014

Tuhoe say they and the Crown will now have to work together to dispel any doubts about the value of yesterday's apology from the Crown.

The apology comes after the Crown conceded that widespread wrongs were done in the past.

Last year's $170 million settlement with Tuhoe was followed by a formal apology issued yesterday in Taneatua.

A powhiri was performed for the Crown.

A powhiri was performed for the Crown at yesterday's formal apology. Photo: RNZ

Treaty Negotiations Minister Chris Finlayson said the Crown hopes to honestly confront the past and atone for the many injustices the iwi suffered.

Tuhoe spokesperson Tamati Kruger said the iwi accepts the apology but asks the people to remember and learn from the past.

He also said not all Tuhoe have accepted the apology, and the future now depends on how well iwi and the Crown work together to end any scepticism that the new relationship will work.