27 Nov 2023

Making films from South India to the South Island

From Here Now, 5:00 am on 27 November 2023


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Siddharth Nambiar, wildlife filmmaker in Dunedin

Siddharth Nambiar, wildlife filmmaker in Dunedin. Photo: Max Quinn

In this episode of Voices we talk to Siddharth Nambiar, an wildlife filmmaker based in Dunedin. Over the years he's gathered an impressive list of credits having worked on documentaries for broadcasters like National Geographic, Animal Planet, and Discovery.

In this podcast Sid shares his story of living in Aotearoa New Zealand thousands of miles away from his home in Kerala, India and building a successful career as a wildlife filmmaker, all the while navigating the challenges of being an immigrant from India.

“For a long time, I think I was in denial that racism exists in New Zealand and around where I work or whatever. I think just saying that makes me uncomfortable when it shouldn't. But there's subtle racism everywhere.”

Over time Sid came to a realisation about racism.

“I think I have changed over the years. I've learned from my wife, Swaroopa, not to be apologetic when I ask people to pronounce my name right. This country's a work in progress, and I think I'm a work in progress.”

Jaguar in the Pantanal

Jaguar in the Pantanal Photo: Siddharth Nambiar/NHNZ