Gone crackers

Doctor Elizabeth Runton from the University of Las Salinas on her controversial research into the Christmas cracker.

Bees 8: pre-Christmas visit

The Backyard Bee team checks in with the hive before the Christmas break. I find out what my 50,000 bees will need over the holidays.

Catalan Christmas

Spanish correspondent Neil Stokes on solar graveyards and the strange Catalan Christmas tradition of the Caganer.

Santa tourism

Professor C. Michael Hall from Canterbury University on Santa Claus tourism.

Mountain biking in New Zealand

Simon Kennett, author of Classic New Zealand Mountain Bike Rides hits some bike trails with Simon Morton.

Curry history

David Burnett co-writer of 'The Road to Vindaloo: Curry Cooks and Curry Books' discusses the origins of curry.

Curry house

Rakesh Tailor runs an Indian restaurant in Wellington and reveals the spiciest curries available.

Curry lab

Suzi Penny from the Institute of Food Nutrition and Human Health at Massey University tests a physiological reaction to curry.

Bits and bytes

Bill Thompson previews what's in store for technology in 2009.