Break fees

If you're stuck on a high fixed mortgage rate and facing a hefty break fee is there anything you can do about it?


The small village where President Barack Obama's dad is from is becoming a major tourist attraction.

Bits and bytes

Bill Thompson on Wikipedia's editorial changes and the Conficker worm affecting about 15 million computers.

Cheap specs

Inventor Joshua Silver wants to put his self-adjusting glasses on one billion noses over the next 12 years.

Italian job

The 60th birthday of Piaggio's 3-wheeler, the Ape. Plus the Mafia's using Facebook.

Bees 9: Trouble in the Hive

The queen bee's gone AWOL and taken thousands of workers with her! I got back for a relaxing few weeks away and checked the hive, sadly there were hardly any bees and no fresh eggs or larvae. It looks like my queen has swarmed and it’s all my fault. I didn’t give her or the colony enough room work with.

Broad beans

The summery veggie enjoyed by Hannibal Lector.