Bees 10: New Queen

We're having some issues in the hive, getting through more queens than Henry VIII! But we do have a new queen and she’s laying a nice pattern.

Making a spectacle

The invention of glasses. Once upon a time some bright spark stuck two lenses in a wire frame!

Zippo lighters

We're off to the Zippo factory in Pennsylvania where the famous lighters have been made for over 70 years.

Tech time

Peter Griffin on how the controversial section 92A of the Copyright (New Technologies) Amendment Act 2008 is going to work.


A buyer's guide on what to look out for if you're on the hunt for a kayak.

Big Apple bees

David Graves is an urban beekeeper in New York with 14 hives dotted around Manhattan.

Salad wars

There's a big argument in Mexico over who invented the famous Caesar salad.

Lending library

LendAround opens up your film collection to other people in your social network.