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Music details:

Artist: The Phoenix Foundation
Songs: Bob Lennon John Dylan, Fiscal Pickle, Real Pig, Race Day
Composer: The Phoenix Foundation
Album: Tom’s Lunch
Label: Universal

Artist: Jordan Reyne
Songs: The Shado Line, Servitude, Dear John
Composer: Reyne
Album: Crone
Label: Independent

Artist: Vorn
Songs: Repentance Song, The War Cry Of J. Alfred Prufrock, Flint and Tinder, History Never Deletes, The Story Of My F***ing Life
Composer: Colgan
Album: More Songs About Girls and the Apocalypse
Label: Independent

Artist: Aldous Harding
Songs: Stop Your Tears, Two Bitten Hearts, Titus Groan, Hunter, Small Bones of Courage
Composer: Harding
Album: Aldous Harding
Label: Lyttelton Records

Artist: Great North
Songs: Up In Smoke, I’m Not Asking, I Was Gold, Somebody Else’s Lord, Casey Jones, One Scarlet Morning
Composer: Donnell
Album: Up In Smoke
Label: Independent

Artist: Various
Song: From The Inside Out
Composer: Angela
Album: Songs From The Inside Vol. II
Label: Songs From The Inside Records

Artist: Various
Song: Dear Madelaine
Composer: Hewson
Album: A Day In My Mind’s Eye Vol. 4
Label : Frenzy