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Music details:

Artist: Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five
Songs: The Message
Composer: Fletcher/Glover/Robinson/Chase
Label: RCA

Artist: Schoolboy Q
Songs: Gangsta, Los Awesome, Prescription, What They Want
Composer: not given
Album: Oxymoron
Label: Universal

Artist: Future
Song: Karate Chop
Composer: Wilburn/Wayne/Carter
Song: T Shirt
Composer: Wilburn/Rasser/Rackley
Song: Never Satisfied
Composer: Wilburn/Graham/Williams/Samuels/Slaughter
Song: I Won
Composer: Wilburn/West/Wayne/Seely/Thomas/Thomas
Song: Covered In Money
Composer: Wilburn/Uwaezuoke
Album: Honest
Label: Sony

Artist: Ray Lamontagne
Songs: She’s The One, Julia, No Other Way, Lavendar, Pick Up A Gun, Supernova
Composer: Lamontagne
Album: Supernova
Label: RCA

Artist: The Black Keys
Songs: 10 Lovers, Fever, Weight Of Love, Year In Review, In Time
Composer: Auerbach/Carney/Burton
Album: Turn Blue
Label: Nonesuch