7 May 2024

The Panel with Garry Moore and Sarah Sparks (Part 2)

From The Panel, 6:30 pm on 7 May 2024

Tonight on The Panel, Wallace Chapman and panellists Garry Moore and Sarah Sparks discuss a Consumer NZ survey revealing Kiwi motoring preferences and the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest.

Croatia's singer, songwriter and music producer Marko Purisic, also known as Baby Lasagna, performs on stage during the 'Eurovision in Concert' in AFAS Live in Amsterdam on April 13, 2024. Every year, a month before the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 which will take place in Malmo Arena on May 11, 2024, various participants gather at the 'Eurovision in Concert' to sing their entry. (Photo by Sander Koning / ANP / AFP) / Netherlands OUT

Photo: AFP/Sander Koning