13 Aug 2018

The Panel with Selwyn Manning and Dellwyn Stuart (Part 2)

From The Panel, 4:05 pm on 13 August 2018

Columnist Frank Robson has asked why so many friendships dissolve as we age, in a new piece for the Sydney Morning Herald. It's thought that in our younger days, we're more likely to forgive quirks and failings but slowly grow out of our friendships as we get more distracted by work and family. We ask the panelists if they find this to be true in their own lives. What the Panelists Selwyn Manning and Dellwyn Stuart want to talk about. Over the weekend an Alaskan Arlines plan was stolen by a 29-year-old airline worker, who crashed it and died. It comes as as a new theory in the MH370 case is proposed, that a stowaway may have been the cause of its disappearance. This has prompted experts to note that the 'insider threat' is the greatest danger to aviation safety. The panelists give us their view on the threat. There's been continued debate around the haka, with All Blacks coach Steve Hansen's hitting back at claims it has lost its mana after a former player said it was overused. The panelists give their view of the haka and we ask Kiwi Ferns coach Alan Jackson what it stands for now and how other teams should respond to it on the field. There are further calls for miscarriage to be included as a reason for bereavement leave in the Holiday Act. Currently leave is only for when a child, partner or parent dies. Labour MP Ginny Andersen has put forward a member's bill to get this reason included, which was drawn last week. The panelists share their thoughts on the matter. A capark in Remuera, Auckland is looking to impose a height barrier to stop heavy vechiles using its upper level on the Clonbern Road parking building. A sign says no entry for SUVS, otherwise known to locals as "Remuera tractors". Seismic weakness is reportedly the problem. The panelists tell us what they think. Auckland councillors will be setting their own salaries soon. The politicians will have to divvy up a pot of money given by the Remuneration Authority. Previously, they had been able to blame the Authority when any questions arised about pay. We ask the panelists how much is too much for a councillor?