Gillian Candler's Nature Heroes - conservation for kids

From The Weekend with Karyn Hay , 9:45 am on 11 January 2020

Gillian Candler is a writer who takes her love of nature and conservation to create children's books that teach kids about native wildlife, and how to help protect it. 

She's released a new book - Nature Heroes. 

It takes some of New Zealand's most dedicated conservationists and tells their story, from the 'grandfather' of conservation, Richard Henry, to children in schools now, taking up the mantle. 

Alongside their stories, are activities for the next generation of nature lovers to engage with the natural world.  

Laura Dooney went to Pukerua Bay, on Wellington's Kapiti Coast, to meet Gillian, and watch young Gabriel Hay, 10, Fred Hay, 8 and their friends Holly and Ryan Flanagan, 8 and 10 respectively - look for and discover sea creatures in the rock pools.