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7:11 Aaron Mehta: Trump's resistence to start 'the big fight'  

United States president Donald Trump has gone from saying Iran had made a "very big mistake" by shooting down an unmanned US drone in international airspace to suggesting a deal between the two countries could happen so fast it would make people's heads spin. Defense News Deputy Editor and Senior Pentagon Correspondent Aaron Mehta joins the show with all the latest.

United States President Donald Trump.

United States President Donald Trump. Photo: AFP

7:18 Jennifer Zeng: China's shocking organ harvesting practice

Jennifer Zeng is a mainland Chinese-born human rights activist who was tortured and brain-washed at a 're-education' camp in China because she was a member of Falun Gong. She has just returned from London where she gave evidence into China's organ harvesting trade as part of The China Tribunal.

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7.32 The House

A weekly digest of the events in Parliament with Daniela Maoate-Cox and Phil Smith.

7:45 Calling Home: Carmel Kilpin in Hong Kong

New Zealander Carmel Kilpin leads a fascinating life in Hong Kong, bringing up three children and working as a physical science teacher in an international school. She's in her sixth year in the former British colony and doesn't expect to he heading back home anytime soon.

Carmel Kilpin and her family

Carmel Kilpin and her family Photo: supplied

8:10 Insight The Pacific Ballot: Ticket to a new life.

Maxine was lucky in the ballot and will leave her garden in Tonga behind if she can get a job.

Maxine was lucky in the ballot and will leave her garden in Tonga behind if she can get a job. Photo: Supplied

Winning a lottery isn't the normal way to secure a new life in a new country. But each year, New Zealand holds a visa ballot for people from a number of Pacific nations, including Samoa and Tonga, to register for a resident's visa. Many thousands enter, but what if you win? Does that guarantee a life in New Zealand?  For the BBC World Service's programme, The Documentary,  Philippa Tolley travelled to Tonga to speak to some of those who were lucky in the "lolo."


8:37 Professor Tony Dowell: poverty and mental health intertwined

Professor Tony Dowell

Professor Tony Dowell Photo: Michael Roberts

Otago University Professor of Primary Healthcare, Tony Dowell, talks about research in the U.S which pointed to a drop in male suicides when there was an increase in the minimum wage. He has researched at length the links between poverty and mental health and explains why income affects men more than women.

9:06 Mediawatch

Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose.

9:37 Ella Tennant: Referring to ships as 'she' is sexist

Ella Tennant

Ella Tennant Photo: supplied

The Scottish Maritime Museum recently decided to adopt gender-neutral signage for its vessels, dropping "she" for "it" after two signs were vandalised. Ella Tennant, an English Language Teaching Fellow at Keele University, explains why the practice of using the feminine pronoun for inanimate objects is no longer acceptable as well as being patronising.

Interpol is warning that would-be jihadist fighters are travelling on cruise ships to try to reach conflict areas in the Middle East.

Interpol is warning that would-be jihadist fighters are travelling on cruise ships to try to reach conflict areas in the Middle East. Photo: AFP

10:04 David Robson: Why smart people do stupid things  

David Robson is an author and science journalist whose new book, The Intelligence Trap, examines the reasons why smart people make stupid mistakes and offers a cognitive toolkit for ways to avoid them. He joins the show to look at some of the themes in his compelling and wide-ranging book.

David Robson

David Robson Photo: supplied

10:36 Troye Sivan: Multi-talented superstar back in New Zealand

Global popstar, internet sensation and LGBTQI icon Troye Sivan is back in New Zealand for a major headline show in  in September. The Perth-born, LA-domiciled artist who has performed with Taylor Swift at her Rose Bowl show last year, joins Jim to discuss his incredible success and his return to our shores.

Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan Photo: supplied

11:05 F. Lee Bailey: Still defending OJ Simpson 25 years after his murder trial

F.Lee Bailey

F.Lee Bailey Photo: supplied

25 years on since a jury acquitted O.J Simpson of murdering his wife and her companion, his trial lawyer, F.Lee Bailey is incensed that there's cloud over his innocence. He explains why he's written a book to settle the score and direct the public to the trial transcripts which exonerated Simpson. He explains to Jim that he never stops fighting and why.

11:34 Georgina Beyer: Musical Chair

Georgina Beyer

Georgina Beyer Photo: By Montrealais - Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5,

Former New Zealand politician Georgina Beyer has lived a rich and varied life. She's gone from drag queen performer and sex work to becoming the world's first openly transgender Member of Parliament to speaking at the Oxford Union. She puts her musical hat on today to offer up a couple of tracks that are dear to her heart.