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7:08 The Justin Firefly Collaboration Project
Live in studio with musicians from New Zealand on guitar and taonga puoro, a sitar-player from Japan and a drummer from Australia.

7:30 Kids' Favourite Things
Kids share their favourite summer activities - tonight it's Rocko.

7:35 Spectrum

8:06 Summer Jam - The Sami Sisters

8:15 BBC Windows on the World

8:40 Singing Geographer
Professor Warwick Murray is Director of the Geography Programme at Victoria University in Wellington - and a singer and musician too. This week, geography and globalisation.

9:06 Our Changing World

10:17 Late Edition

10:30 Museum Visit
We pay a virtual visit to one of New Zealand's museums. Tonight, Sharon Dell of the Hocken Collections in Dunedin. Check out their blog and photo collection.

10:40 Alice Miller - Antarctic Diary 4
Wellington writer Alice Miller's award-winning poetry, essays, and fiction have appeared in The Listener, Landfall, and Best New Zealand Poems. She recently visited Antarctica and recorded an audio diary for Summer Nights.

10:45 Island Time
We explore the culture and history of islands around the world. Tonight, the Principality of Sealand, a former World War II sea fort off the coast of the UK which is claimed as an independent sovereign state.

11:04 Mixtape - Lawrence Arabia
Tonight's Mixtape is courtesy of Silver Scroll winner James Milne aka Lawrence Arabia.