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7:08 Dutch cycling culture
Marc van Woudenberg of cycling blog Amsterdamize discusses cycling culture in the Netherlands.

7:30 Kids' Favourite Things - Sweeney

7:35 Nick Bollinger's 'Essential New Zealand Albums'
Episode 6 - The Crocodiles - Tears

8:06 Summer Jam - Ray Columbus

8:15 BBC Windows on the World

8:40 Film with Dan Slevin
Dan Slevin reviews We Bought A Zoo and Tower Heist, plus an example of essential cinema, Stanley Kubrick's Barry Lyndon. For more filmic goodness, check out Dan's podcast Cinematica.

9:06 Drama

10:17 Late Edition

10:30 Museum Visit
We pay a virtual visit to one of New Zealand's museums. Tonight, Peter Marsh of the Albertland & District Museum.

10.40 Alice Miller - Antarctic Diary 3
Wellington writer Alice Miller's award-winning poetry, essays, and fiction have appeared in The Listener, Landfall, and Best New Zealand Poems. She recently visited Antarctica and recorded an audio diary for Summer Nights.

10:45 Taxi Driver Request

11:04 Round Midnight