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09.04 Rare white Kiwi dies 

The first pure white kiwi to have hatched into captivity anywhere in the world has died

Manukura hatched at the Pūkaha National Wildlife Centre at Mount Bruce in Masterton in May 2011 - genetically, she was a North Island Brown Kiwi but because of an extremely rare genetic trait carried by both parents, she was pure white. 

Emily Court is the general manager of the Pūkaha National Wildlife Centre. 

Manukura, a pure white kiwi hatched at Pukaha National Wildlife Centre.

Manukura, a pure white kiwi hatched at Pukaha National Wildlife Centre. Photo: Supplied / Pukaha National Wildlife Centre

09.07 Lack of dental services in small towns 

Concerns have been raised about the lack of dental services in a small town in northern Hawke's Bay. 

Earlier this year Wairoa's dental practice was sold - and the service that replaced is only open once a week, for denture check-ups. 

To discuss this and whether this is a problem in many small towns - Katie Ayers, the president of the Dental Association. 

cropped shot of dentist with instruments examining teeth of little child


09.20 The search for a better battery  

A Wellington based scientist has been working on an alternative to lithium batteries

They're the batteries we use daily in our phones, e-bikes, e-cars - you name it. 

Dr Shalini Divya has just completed her PhD in Chemistry, and has started a company hoping to create a more sustainable and more easily recyclable alternative. 

Shalini Divya portraits against blue sky and Te Toki A Rata bavkgrounds

Photo: © Victoria University of Wellington. All rights reserved.

09.30 Looking after New Zealand's taonga 

A museum curator's job involves much more than meets the eye. 

They're there to not just look after and catalogue the items the museum holds - but to tell their stories - and share them with others. 

Isaac Te Awa is the Curator Mātauranga Māori at Te Papa museum in Wellington. 

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Photo: Te Papa

09.45 Great NZ Album - Reb Fountain 

This year as part of the Summer Times show, we're playing tracks from some of the best local albums released this year.

Today it's Reb Fountain, with her self-titled album, which was released in July this year. 

Reb Fountain - Reb Fountain album cover

Reb Fountain - Reb Fountain album cover Photo: supplied

10.00 Mo Willems - doodling for stress relief  

Author and illustrator Mo Willems has become a K-nuffle bunny to the world. He's the creator of popular children's books with tales of Pigeon, Elephant and Piggie and the Knuffle Bunny.

He's also  the Kennedy Center's education artist-in-residence.

Like the beloved stuffed rabbit who gives comfort to a child in his books, Willems has helped kids cope with the pandemic and the US election  by encouraging them  to join him for regular doodle breaks.  

Doodling with Mo Willems

Doodling with Mo Willems Photo: SCREENSHOT

10.30 Black Sheep podcast 

Black Sheep - looking at the history of Aotearoa's rogues, villains and controversial characters. Today a special episode looking back to the history of some of our monuments.

11.00 Summer Bookmarks - TV Critic Linda Burgess 

This summer we'll be talking to some of RNZ's favourite hosts and contributors about their favourite books, songs, podcasts and more. Afternoons TV critic Linda Burgess talks to Jesse Mulligan about her life as a writer, what she's been reading, watching, and listening to. 

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Photo: Copyright Free

11.30 Summer Touring - Colette Rivers 

Summer means summer gigs, festivals and tours - and over the next couple of weeks I'll talk to a few bands who are doing the summer circuit. 

Today Colette Rivers is here, she's got an album out in a couple of weeks - called Memory Lake - and will go on tour at the same time. 

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Photo: Colette Rivers

11.45 Regional Cross - Marlborough with Chloe Hanford 

 This summer we'll be going around the country talking to people about what's going on in their area. 

And to kick us off - Chloe Ranford joins us from Marlborough.