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Summer Times 2021/2022 for Wednesday 30 December 2020


9:05 Dozens evacuated as fire rips through historic Ahipara Reserve

One hundred homes were evacuated last night as a fire swept through the Ahipara Gumfields Historic Reserve.
Six helicopters and forty fire fighters are still at the scene - trying to get the fire under control.

Many of those who were evacuated spent the night at one of two local marae or the rugby club.

Jesse speaks to a spokesperson from Roma Marae.

The scene of a blaze moving in on houses at Ahipara. Helicopters have been used tackle the huge bush blaze.

The scene of a blaze moving in on houses at Ahipara. Helicopters have been used tackle the huge bush blaze. Photo: Facebook/Puia Nathan-Natanahira

9:10 Vehicles damaging beach bird refuge 

Locals looking after a wildlife refuge on a Northland beach are frustrated with vehicles and dogs coming into the breeding grounds of endangered seabirds. 

The refuge, on the Waipu River Mouth south of Whangarei, is the home of dotterels and oyster catchers. 

But local man David Lourie of the Bream Bay Coastal Care Trust says vehicles on the beach and pet dogs, are causing havoc. 

Waipu beach, Northland

Photo: 123RF

9:20 Dust mites and how to get rid of them 

Cleaning might be the last thing on your mind at this time of year - but after listening to our next guest you might be inspired to. 

Warm, humid conditions are the best for dust mites to breed in. 

These tiny tiny creatures live and breed in our homes, and love to live in our beds, couches and pet beds. 

Rachael Pink is the Global Head of Technology Development for Floorcare for Dyson. 

House dust mite (Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus).

Scale : mite length = 0.3 mm

Technical settings : 
 - focus stack of 42 images
 - microscope objective (Nikon M Plan 20x 210/0.4 ELWD) on bellow

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

9:30 Wowing the critics with flash fiction

Flash fiction - its what it sounds like - essentially a short short story.  It's something Jack Cottrell knows a lot about - this year he won the $5000 James Wallace Creative Writing prize at Auckland University for one of his short stories.

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Photo: Supplied

10:00 Collecting the Space Age with Peter Kleeman 

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Photo: Supplied

When it comes to gift giving, even Santa might have a hard time topping what Peter Kleeman  got from his dad  for his fourth birthday.  

It was a handmade 2.4 meter long X-Wing Fighter inspired by Luke Skywalker.  

That Rebel Alliance Starfighter launched what would become a family obsession, collecting and preserving space age artefacts. 

From Buck Rogers toy guns to flying saucers, their collection is in a 100 year old barn in a secret location. 

Peter Kleeman describes getting that X-Wing fighter, and the museum itself. 

10:30 Podcast Black Sheep

In today's episode of Black Sheep William Ray looks at the story of Count Felix Von Luckner  - a German Navy Captain who became famous in New Zealand during World War One, after he launched a daring escape from a local internment camp.

11:00 Bookmarks: Dr Grant Morris 

Dr Grant Morris usually joins RNZ to do a history segment with Jesse Mulligan on Afternoons. Today he joins Jesse on Summer Times to share some of his favourite books, songs, and films. 

Grant Morris

Grant Morris Photo: Supplied

11:30 The enigmatic jellyfish 

As Kiwis head to the beach we speak to a jellyfish expert from NIWA, Dennis Gordon, to explain which jellyfish are where in New Zealand this summer, and what to do if you do get a sting. 

A lion's mane jellyfish which washed up on a Great Barrier Island beach on Saturday.

A lion's mane jellyfish which washed up on a Great Barrier Island beach on Saturday. Photo: Supplied / Judith Clumpas

11:45 Regional round up: Bill Bazley 

Today we're crossing to Bill Bazley, and we're hoping listeners can tune in to guess where in the country he is. 

Bill runs the car club in his neck of the woods, and knows a bit about the area, having lived there 50 years. 

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Photo: Facebook