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8:07 Today in New Zealand History 14’32”

Six-penny telegrams introduced 1 June 1896. Telegram Boy, an extract from a short story by J Edward Brown, read by Ken Blackburn and first broadcast in 1983.                          

8:23 Song: The Shepherd’s Song 7’43”

Artist: Ena Myerscough and Shirley Wightman
Composer: N/S
Album: Sound Archives
Label: N/A Recorded bythe NZBS Hamilton 1950s.
Biographical information about Ena Myerscough a prominent singer of the 1950s.    

8:32 Mary Dick (White) recalls the early days of television in Christchurch in the 1960s in conversation with Steve Riley in 1982 12’31’

8:39 A David Combridge gardening session from 3ZB, Easter Saturday, 1950 5’28”    

8:44 Athol Cook of Auckland 13’09”

Recorded in 1976, recalls his days as a prisoner of war after being captured in Crete while serving with an Australian battalion. Part One.  

8:58 Song: I Hope I Never 3’28”

Artist: Radio New Zealand Studio Orchestra
Composer: Finn
Album: Orchestral Gold
Label: Tartar TRL 005                      

9:07 As I Remember 2’14”

My Father the Firefighter by Mrs C McGlone of Waipukurau, read by Gail Hedges.                              

9:11 Song: The Old Dunstan Track 2’57”

Artist: Mike Harding
Composer: McKee Wright/Dunstan Trio
Album: Past to the Present
Label: NZ2000                                

9:16 Listen to the Banned – Part Two 17’25”

Peter Downes talks to Geoff Robinson about banned music in a 1995 interview.                            

9:33 Song: Through Bolts and Bars 2’56”

Artist: National Band of New Zealand 1953
Composer: Urbach
Album: The 1953 National Band of New Zealand
Label: Atoll ACD 502                         

9:37 A Metric Moment with Bill White 2’20”

From a 1970s Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries education programme.                          

9:40 Book of the Week: Dear Tyrant – An Extraordinary Colonial Life by Barrie Allom 19’10”

Barrie Allom talks about the varied life of his ancestor Albert Allom.  Wairarapa Archive/Fraser Books ISBN 978 0 9922475 2 2   

9:59 Song: I’ll Put You Together Again 3’48”

Artist: Radio New Zealand Studio Orchestra    
Composer: Black
Album: Orchestral Gold
Label: Tartar TRL 005