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8:10 Today in New Zealand History - 11 August 1872

Anthony Trollope arrives in New Zealand.

8:18 Song: Carol

Artist: Glynn Tucker, Ian Lowe and the Tornados
Composer: n/s
Album: Then Rock and Roll
Label: Zodiac

8:22 Homework

8:24 The AH Reed Story

The famous publisher, writer and walker at the age of 96 in conversation with Kevin Mills in Dunedin in 1973, two years before his death  (Part 5)

8:35 Pixie Williams and 'Blue Smoke'

Jim Sullivan tells the story of the making of the first fully recorded and processed New Zealand gramophone recording on TANZA-1 (a label launched "to assist New Zealand artists"). Jim talks about the project with Pixie Williams, Stan Dallas, a recording engineer for the Radio Corporation of New Zealand, Peter Edwards of the National Museum of Audio Visual Arts & Sciences in Foxton and Smoky Hannah of Dunedin.This programme was first broadcast January 1, 1995.

9:00 News

9:09 As I Remember

The Cross Country by Viv Hanson of Ashburton, read by Rob Webb.

9:17 Song: Around the Coleridge Run

Artist: Les Cleveland and the Black Billy Boys (Bob Barcham - piano accordion, Doug Brewer - string bass and Ken Avery - clarinet)
Composer: Joe Charles
Album: N/A
Label: Tanza ZEP 2004

9:22 Homework

9:26 The fruit and vegetable report from Jack Forsythe

A once-a-week highlight for many Morning Report listeners.

9:35 Song: Don't Blame the Wealthy Squatter

Artist: Phil Garland
Composer: McNicol/Garland
Album: Hunger in the Airl
Label: Kiwi SLC273

9:38 Book of the Week: A Passion for Flight - New Zealand Aviation before the Great War - Volume 2, by Errol Martyn

ISBN 978 0473 245290
Published by Volpane Press