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8:12 As I Remember Archive

A 19th Century Dentist, Arthur Hoby. Provided by Philip Duke and read by Gavin McKinley.

8:19 Aunty Alice Brought Us This (Luther)

Hogsnort Rupert LP Axis 180 3'50"

8:23 Homework

What do Bell Block, Milson, Levels and Hilderthorpe have in common?

8:25 Naming of Mt Aspiring

The name should have gone to Mt Aeolus. The story is told by mountaineer Danilo Hegg.

8:36 Waltzing Matilda (Paterson)

Stewart Harvey and Denis Collinson Orchestra

LP Festival FGL 12-995

8:43 Prime Minister Savage speaking after the announcement of the election results on 27 November 1935.

He reassures New Zealanders that they have nothing to fear from the Labour government, who wish to work with everyone for the good of New Zealand. A Sound Archives item held on the NZHistory website

8:47 Kaye Lamberton of Auckland recalls his boyhood in Wellington in the 1930s.

Part One.

9:08 As I Remember

Memories of the GUS grocery chain by Jan Fryer-Knowles of Napier.

9:13 As I Remember

Strings to a Bow by Adrianna Caigou of Masterton, read by Sally Blundell.

9:16 Homework

What do Bell Block, Milson, Levels and Hilderthorpe have in common?

15 May 1965: power from Waitaki to North Island for the first time

9:18 Ballad of the Waitaki (Timmings/Stringer)

The Plainsmen LP HMV MCLP 6247

9:22 Crete - the 70th Anniversary

Haddon Donald, an officer with 22 Battalion on Crete. In conversation with Kim Hill in 2001 at the time of the 60th anniversary - he comments on his description of Crete "as a little bit of fun".

9:34 Book of the Week

Anzac Fury - the bloody battle of Crete 1941 by Peter Thompson
Random House
ISBN 978 186471 131 8

9:53 A New Zealand Army pipe band from 22 Battalion performs the Retreat ceremony somewhere overseas during the Second World War