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8:12 As I Remember Archive

Flying Overseas in the 1950s by Jim Sunckel read by Gavin McGinley.

8:18 Wish Me Good Luck (Parr-Davies/Park)

Gracie Fields CD ABC Classics 476 3809

8:22 Letters from Gallipoli, part one

A letter from Private Archibald Hunt of the Canterbury Battalion read by Gordon Parry.

From Letters from Gallipoli edited by Glyn Harper
Auckland University Press.
ISBN: 9781869 404772

8:28 Bonaparte's Retreat

Maria Dallas

From Morrinsville - has lived in Australia for many years

Sea of Heartbreak (Gibson)

Ken Lemon LP Viking VP

8:32 Homework

Which popular weekly magazine stopped publication in 1961?

8:36 Joe Brown, entertainment legend

Joe Brown, entertainment legend, talks in a 1981 interview with Lyndsay Rackley about his early life and calls the dances at his famous Dunedin Town Hall Dance. Joe died in 1986.

8:44 Stories and music from Wanganui, recorded in the 1940s by the NZBS Mobile Unit.

Part 2. Memories of prices and Maori, music from Wanganui Collegiate Choir and Wanganui Girls College Choir.

8:54 Building History by Nigel Isaacs

Part Two, From Tree to Timber.

9:07 As I Remember

1. First Day at Secondary School by Lily Taylor of Avondale, read by Robyn Jaquiery

2. First Day at School by Margaret Fenemor of Brightwater, Nelson, read by Wynne Hyatt

3. First Day at Secondary School by Myra Larcombe of Opua, read by Jim Sullivan

9:17 Meet Me On The Corner (Hart/Roberts)

Max Bygraves CD 2'27"

9:20 Homework

9:22 Anzac Memories

Vietnam Recollections by Colin Whyte, read by Haydn Sherley.

9:27 Sullivan's Century - headlines of 1958 read by Sue Scott

Lawdy Miss Clawdy (Price)

Johnny Devlin LP Music World MALPS 574

9:33 The Lonely Road sung by Rachel More and the story of Nellie Dempster, the Exhibition Singer of 1925

9:39 Bookshelf

Courage in the Skies by Paul Harrison and Brian Lockstone
Grantham House
ISBN 978 1869 341114

9:40 We'll Meet Again (Parker/Charles)

Vera Lynn CD AVA 5069 3'28"

9:42 Book of the Week

The Last of the Human Freedoms by Keren Chiaroni
ISBN 978 1869 508739