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8:09 Today in New Zealand History

The story of Wellington politician, William Waring Taylor.

8:16 Waltzing Matilda (Paterson)

Stewart Harvey LP Festival FGL12 995

8:20 Avonside Girls High School Part One

Freddie Hyde briefly describes the school; and the head mistress, Miss B. F. Townsend, gives a more detailed history of the school. The school song is performed; the Vocational Advisor, Miss Herbison, talks about her role at Avonside Girls; and both the librarian, Miss Oliver, and a student, Marie, talk generally about the library.

8:36 Homework

1. In 1994 what was moved at a cost of $2.4 million dollars to make way for the Museum of New Zealand in Wellington?

2. What group is said to have been given the nickname The Red Tribe by Maori

8:37 If I Can Help Somebody (Anrozzo)

Mary Pratt 45 Kiwi EA 63

8:42 Ex-Governor General Lord Bledisloe broadcasts during a 1947 visit to New Zealand

8:49 The Stable Lad (Cape/Garland)

Phil Garland CD Kiwi SLC 255

8:55 As I Remember Archive

Auckland Before the Harbour Bridge by Jamie Farquharson, read by Prue Lamgbein.

8:58 Radio Commercial for Sunday News - mid 1980s.

8:59 Lucky Me (Black)

Radio New Zealand Orchestra LP Tartar TRL 005

9:08 As I Remember

Playing Against the Wind Part 5, written and read by Neville Martin

9:16 The Kingston Flyer (Spittle)

Mike Harding CD NZ 2000

9:19 Homework for July

9:23 Book of the Week

Freed to Care: Proud to Nurse - 100 Years of the New Zealand Nurses Organisation by Mary Ellen O'Connor
Published by Steele Roberts
ISBN 978 1877 461194

9:37 In Search of A Moose (Parsons)

Rosy Parsons CD

9:44 Joan Loeber who began nursing training in 1934 recalls her career in conversation with Jack Perkins. Part 2.

9:59 The Rose (McBroom)

Radio New Zealand Orchestra LP Tartar TRL 006