Noelle McCarthy

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This morning Noelle McCarthy stands in for Kim. Noelle begins the morning by talking to acclaimed British journalist  Alex Thomson about the devastation across Mozambique caused by cyclone Idai; celebrated British author Ian McEwan about his new novel, which explores the concept of synthetic humans; self-styled 'sexpert' Karly Sciortino on how a blog written in a squatting commune thrust her into the global spotlight; he's been involved in all aspects of local music for decades, now Ian Jorgensen has compiled an ode to the community hall, told through photos of a Liam and Neil Finn tour of NZ's backwaters; Canadian author David Chariandy details the story he wrote for his then 13-year-old daughter, I've Been Meaning to Tell You; Renee Liang and Michele Powles combine medical knowledge with memoirs of motherhood, and ex-drummer for The Chills, Caroline Easther, spins some of her favourite music on the occasion of her first solo album. 





8.12 Alex Thomson - Mozambique after cyclone Idai

A girl collects artificial flowers from the rubble of a building destroyed by the cyclone Idai at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Beira, Mozambique.

A girl collects artificial flowers from the rubble of a building destroyed by the cyclone Idai at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Beira, Mozambique. Photo: AFP

Alex Thomson is the longest-serving on-screen journalist at Britain's C4 News since the channel began. In more than 25 years he's covered over 20 wars; led major investigations and continues to front the programme from around the world. Thomson is only days back from his latest assignment, covering the devastation across Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe as a result of Cyclone Idai, which has killed over 700 people, and made millions homeless.


8.30 Ian McEwan - Machines Like Me

Ian McEwan

Ian McEwan Photo: Penguin / supplied

British novelist and screenwriter Ian McEwan has been listed by The Times as among "The 50 greatest British writers since 1945" and he's received numerous awards and accolades for his work, including being shortlisted for the Man Booker several times and won for his novel Amsterdam (1998). His novel Atonement received the WH Smith Literary Award (2002), National Book Critics' Circle Fiction Award (2003), Los Angeles Times Prize for Fiction (2003), and the Santiago Prize for the European Novel (2004). Atonement was also made into an Oscar-winning film. In 2006, he won the James Tait Black Memorial Prize for his novel Saturday and his novel On Chesil Beach was named Galaxy Book of the Year at the 2008 British Book Awards where McEwan was also named Reader's Digest Author of the Year. Ian McEwan was awarded a CBE in 2000. His latest book Machines Like Me examines the concept of synthetic humans - and what makes us human. 





9.06 Karley Sciortino - Sexpertise on Slutever

Karley Sciortino

Karley Sciortino Photo: VICE / Supplied

Self-styled sexpert and VOGUE magazine relationships advice columnist, Karley Sciortino, fronts a TV series called Slutever on VICE.The series, which started as a blog written by Sciortino while she belonged to a squatting commune in London, evolved into what the New York Times called "a chronicle of sexual experimentation." and became a television series in 2017. New Zealand audiences are about to see series 2 of Slutever on VICE (Sky Channel 13) -  (Season 1 is available on NEON) - in which Karley explores the concept of jealousy in open relationships, becomes part of the world of virtual reality porn, and meets the feminist icons who are rebranding girl power.


9.25 Ian Jorgensen - A Finn-ish defence of the Community Hall 

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Photo: Fairfax NZ / Massey University College of Creative Arts / Supplied

In the summer of 2018 music promoter, tour manager and music photographer Ian Jorgensen (formerly known as Blink) hit the road with Neil & Liam Finn and a posse of musical friends in a tour that took them to some of New Zealand's most out-of-the-way spots including Purekireki, Tauhei, Tirohanga, Himatangi Beach and the Absurdistan community hall. It was a way to connect with audiences often neglected by touring musicians combined with an epic summer road-trip and a celebration of what those involved called "that li'l kiwi battler", the community hall. Ian captured intimate moments of the Finns, crew and the visited communities on 35mm film. His candid portraiture is now a book, called Where's My Room: The Neil and Liam Finn Summer 2018 Tour of Aotearoa.

Where's My Room? The photos of Ian Jorgensen


10.04 David Chariandy - I've Been Meaning to Tell You

David Chariandy

David Chariandy Photo: supplied / AWF

Canadian Writer and academic David Chariandy has written two critically received novels. Brother, published in 2017, won the Rogers Writers' Trust Fiction prize, the Toronto Book Award and was named a Best Book of 2017. His debut novel, Soucouyant: A Novel of Forgetting won recognition from eleven literary awards juries. His latest non fiction work, I've Been Meaning to Tell You, is written as a letter to his now 13-year old daughter - and has been described as an intimate and profound meditation on the politics of race today. David Chariandy is a guest at this year's Auckland writers festival, details here.  

10.35 Renee Liang and Michele Powles - When We Remember to Breathe

Renee Liang and Michele Powles

Renee Liang and Michele Powles Photo: Supplied / Elephant Publicity

Renee Liang is a second-generation Chinese Kiwi poet, playwright, paediatrician, medical researcher and fiction writer, who was appointed a Member of the NZ Order of Merit for services to the arts last year. Michele Powles has been a dancer, producer and writer and was New Zealand's 2010 Robert Burns Fellow. Her first screenplay Tenderwood is currently in development. Liang and Powles have collaborated on a book called When We Remember to Breathe, which claims to "lay bare the raw joy, beauty, discomfort and humour of modern motherhood." A share of the publisher's profits have been promised to Good Bitches Baking, a network of people who bake for those in their communities having a tough time. Liang and Powles will be appearing at the Auckland Writers Festival - details here and here.


11.04 Caroline Easther - Lucky ex-Chills Drummer spins her favourite tunes

Caroline Easther

Caroline Easther Photo: Ebony Lamb Photography

Poster for The Chills tour in Greece.

Poster for The Chills tour in Greece. Photo: Supplied / Notable Pictures.

Caroline Easther's extensive career in music has seen her drumming and singing with iconic Dunedin bands The Chills and The Verlaines, as well as with the likes of Barry Saunders (The Warratahs), Let's Planet and Hobnail, but she has been a singer/songwriter in her own right throughout. Easther has just released her debut album, called Lucky, which will be toured with the backing of The Cinnamon Girls in April, launching on April 6th at Meow in Wellington.



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Where's My Room: The Neil and Liam Finn Summer 2018 Tour of Aotearoa 

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I've Been Meaning to Tell You: A Letter to My Daughter

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