Renee Liang and Michele Powles - When we remember to breathe

From Saturday Morning, 10:35 am on 30 March 2019
Renee Liang and Michele Powles

Renee Liang and Michele Powles Photo: Supplied / Elephant Publicity

Renee Liang is a second-generation Chinese Kiwi poet, playwright, paediatrician, medical researcher and fiction writer, who was appointed a Member of the NZ Order of Merit for services to the arts last year. Michele Powles has been a dancer, producer and writer and was New Zealand's 2010 Robert Burns Fellow.

Her first screenplay Tenderwood is currently in development. Liang and Powles have collaborated on a book called When We Remember to Breathe, which claims to "lay bare the raw joy, beauty, discomfort and humour of modern motherhood."

A share of the publisher's profits have been promised to Good Bitches Baking, a network of people who bake for those in their communities having a tough time.

Liang and Powles will be appearing at the Auckland Writers Festival - details here and here.