8 May 2024

Australia: Student loan relief, China flares, Bonza dramas

From Nine To Noon, 9:50 am on 8 May 2024
Albury, Australia - December 23, 2023: Aeroplane from Bonza Airlines arriving at Albury airport

Things are only getting weirder for administrators trying to sort out the Bonza mess. Photo: Getty Images

Australia correspondent Karen Middleton looks at $3b in relief for tertiary students in next week's federal Budget because of what had become an alarmingly steep indexation rate.

Australia and China have clashed for a second time, with a Chinese aircraft firing flares just in front of, and above, an Australian military helicopter over the Yellow Sea.

Administrators of the failed Australian airline Bonza have been told they can't stop the aircraft from leaving the country - they're also worried about the possibility of 20,000 creditors showing up to a meeting on Friday.

And an oyster farmer in New South Wales may have the world's largest - a 3kg whopper called Jill. 

Karen Middleton is political editor of the Guardian Australia