26 Apr 2024

Dr Hillary Bennett: Protecting workers' mental wellbeing after job cuts

From Nine To Noon, 9:30 am on 26 April 2024

In the past six months, redundancies have been signalled across both the private and public sectors.

Roles have been dissolved at major Telcos Spark and ONE NZ, in the Bunnings head office, and most recently ANZ bank.

To date, more than 3,000 jobs are on the line in the public sector. 

Dr Hillary Bennett is an organisational psychologist specialising in mental wellbeing at work.

Over the years, she has developed processes to help companies identify and mitigate risk to staff wellbeing by redesigning the work.

During a time of job cuts, she says the risk of burnout increases, with employees often expected to more with less.

Wide Angle View Of Busy Design Office With Workers At Desks - open plan office

Photo: 123rf