29 Feb 2024

Parenting: What to do if your children just can't get along

From Nine To Noon, 11:25 am on 29 February 2024

Photo: Be Funky

Boston-based psychologist Laurie Kramer has built a career out of helping children to get along. 

Her work focuses on the experiences of kids aged three to five - an age where many become siblings for the first time, and are also making friends at preschool and kindergarten.

Her work began in the '90s, when as a fresh graduate she became interested in what childrens' interactions were actually like, when no adult was around.

Kramer, a professor of applied psychology at Northeastern University, was one of the first to adopt the technique of videotaping preschoolers, to observe their relationship forming skills - and how they navigated arguments.

She joins Kathryn Ryan to share some insights into the workings of little minds, when no one is there to watch.

Laurie Kramer has developed a tool for parents, to help them navigate their children through conflict - you can find it here.