9 Feb 2024

School's back: What's on the Education Minister's lesson planner?

From Nine To Noon, 9:05 am on 9 February 2024
Erica Stanford at Silverstream School

Photo: RNZ / Samuel Rillstone

National campaigned on 'Teaching the Basics Brilliantly' - and one of the central planks of that policy was an hour each day of reading, writing and maths for all primary and intermediate-aged children. That's now in play - having kicked in at the start of this term - and will also include two assessments per year of how students are doing in Year 3 to 8, with clear reporting to parents.

The new government also set a goal of getting 80 percent of Year 8 students at or above the expected level for their age in reading, writing, maths and science. It also wants to see Kiwi students back in the top 10 for those subjects in the international PISA rankings.

Education Minister Erica Stanford joins Kathryn to outline how she sees those goals being met.