2 Aug 2022

Luke Elworthy: The Last Letter of Godfrey Cheathem

From Nine To Noon, 11:30 am on 2 August 2022
Author and book cover

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Marlborough-based author Luke Elworthy dives into the life of esteemed New Zealand writer Godfrey Cheathem,  who sadly died before publication of his great novel. It's based on a series of letters, written by Cheathem from Christchurch Men's Prison to his youngest sister Rosemary, that help detail his relationship with his family of over-achieving siblings and his own succession of failures. The letters also explain Godfrey's state of mind leading up to - and during - the disastrous events at a family reunion for which he serves time. Except of course, it's all a work of fiction....mostly. Luke set out to write a memoir, but ended up with a novel, and joins Susie to explain.