30 Nov 2020

Friends inDEED: Assistance dogs and the crucial role they play

From Nine To Noon, 10:08 am on 30 November 2020
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Photo: Juliet Nicholas

Dogs have long been called man's best friend - but some go far beyond that: providing a critical role in helping people live their lives. Author Sue Allison's new book Friends inDEED looks at how assistance dogs can help their human friends with mobility, sight, hearing or medical challenges. 41 different stories are included in the book, with Sue travelling the country to see for herself the role that the dogs play  - and the transformative effect they've had on people's lives. She joins Kathryn, along with Liz Gasson, whose dog Paddy helps her navigate the side-effects of living with multiple sclerosis.

Friends inDEED is available through the publishers, New Holland.