19 Apr 2016

Altina, a woman ahead of her time

From Nine To Noon, 10:09 am on 19 April 2016

New York tobacco heiress, Altina Schinassi was a renaissance woman. A sculptor, painter, film-maker and entrepreneur.

Married four times, she lived her life boldly. She befriended Martin Luther King Jr. and supported his struggle.

During the McCarthyism period she hid black-listed film director John Berry in her Beverly Hills home.

Her revolutionary style was reflected in her sexually liberated artwork and inspired invention of Harlequin glasses in the 1930s - a fashion item which endures to this day.

Directed and produced by her grandson and granddaughter, Peter and Victoria Sanders, Altina is an upcoming film that chronicles her remarkable life.

It is a rich and provocative documentary about a woman who was ahead of her time.

Altina will be screened as part of the Resene Architecture & Design Film Festival 2016 opening in Auckland on May 5th in Auckland, before heading down to Wellington, Dunedin and Christchurch between May and July. The full programme is available @ Rialto.co.nz