09:05 Labour Party president on proposals to stop men seeking selection as candidates

Moira Coatsworth, Labour Party president.

09:20 Are tertiary providers producing too many teachers?

Associate Professor Sally Hansen, Director of Massey University Institute of Education;  Russell Yates, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Education at Waikato University.

09:45 Pacific correspondent Michael Field

09:55 Understanding the DNA of the tuatara

Professor Neil Gemmell from Otago University is heading a major new project to sequence and undestand the DNA of what's known as New Zealand's 'living dinosaur' – the endangered tuatara..

The Tuatara Genome Project is a collaboration involving local groups, iwi and international partners.                  

10:05 Bernie Crosby, NZ businessman and philanthropist

The Waikato businessman who founded Prolife Foods with his wife Kaye, in the mid-1980s. What began as a start-up to sell a bulk supply of imported dried apricots has grown to be one of NZ's largest privately owned and operated food businesses. He received an honorary doctorate from Waikato University earlier this year for his services to business and philanthropy.

10:25 Book Review with Elisabeth Easther

The Illusion of Separateness by Simon Van Booy
Text Publishing, RRP $22.99

10:45 Reading: The Invisible Rider by Kirsten McDougall 

(Part 3 of 6)

The story of a cycling lawyer, husband and father, who increasingly finds simple things in life baffling.

11:05 New Music with Sean McKenna

Booker T, John Newman, Sigur Ros and Thundercat.

Artist: Booker T
Song: 'Gently', feat. Anthony Hamilton
Comp: Bobby Ross Avila / Issiah "IZ" Avila / Booker T. Jones / Anthony Hamilton
Album: Sound The Alarm
Label: Stax

Artist: John Newman
Song: 'Love Me Again' (single from his forthcoming 2013 album)
Comp: Newman
Label: Island

Artist: Sigur Rós
Song: 'Stormur'
Comp: Jón Þór Birgisson / Orri Páll DýRason / Georg Holm
Album: Kveikur
Label: XL

Artist: Thundercat
Song: 'Heartbreaks & Setbacks'
Comp: Thundercat
Album: Apocalypse
Label: Brainfeeder

11:30 Sports commentator Joseph Romanos

Wimbledon, Rugby Sevens, Tour de France, and the America's Cup.       

11:45 The Week That Was with Radar and Michele A'Court