09:05 Emissions Reduction Target

Tim Groser is the Climate Change Negotiations Minister, Jeanette Fitzsimons is the Green Party co-leader.

09:20 Tongan ferry sinking

Uliti Uata is a senior Tongan MP and the CEO of the Uata Shipping Line.

09:30 Weeds

Lynley Hayes, Lincoln University

09:45 US correspondent Richard Adams

10:05 The Year We Disappeared - life on the run

Cylin Busby, author of the book 'The Year We Disappeared: life on the run in America'. Cylin was 9 years old when her father, a police officer, was shot and had a price on his head, family had to leave Massuchusetts and move to the South.

This book is written from the point of view of Cylin as a kid, with alternating chapters from her Father's viewpoint.
"The Year We Disappeared" by Cylin and John Busby, published by Bloomsbury and NZ RRP $21.99

10:30 Book Review with Penny Ashton

The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder by Rebecca Wells.
Published by HarperCollins.

10:45 Reading. Stepping Out- a short story by Patricia Grace

How my great grandmother met my great grandfather, who was actually two people with two sets of teeth.

11:05 Business with Rod Oram

Business and Economic commentator.

11:30 Richard Newsome, Children's author

Author of childrens book - The Billionaire's Curse, the first in a planned trilogy.
The Billionaire's Curse
Published by Text Publishing

11:45 Media commentator Denis Welch

Latest media issues.