13 Jan 2018

Summer Jams: Louis Baker chooses his favourite summer song

From RNZ Music, 3:30 pm on 13 January 2018

Our favourite local musicians share the song that's their soundtrack to summer. Louis Baker chooses ‘Satan’ by D.D Dumbo.

Name: Louis Baker

Goal for 2018: "Finish and release my album."
Summer ice block of choice: "That would have to be a Fruju, but if we're talking ice cream, def a Choc Bar."
Summer hack: "No hacks as such, however, a Frisbee is always ready to go in the car for a cheeky summer run-around, usually to break up a long roadie!"

Favourite summer jam: "D.D Dumbo - ‘Satan’."

Why: “This song sorta reminded me of Jeff buckley and Talking Heads. He’s got a high [vocal] range and can do a lot with his voice, but he’s also very sort-of characterful and quite witty his lyrical content. So I really like the tune and really like a lot of his stuff actually.”

Louis Baker

Louis Baker Photo: Steve Stills