13 Dec 2023

NZ not on track to meet climate target - Climate Commission

From Morning Report, 7:47 am on 13 December 2023

The Climate Change Commission says New Zealand is not on track to meet its climate targets. The independent organisation's latest report discusses how the government can meet its emissions budgets - including the five-year budget covering 2026 to 2030. During that time the total quantity of New Zealand's emissions need to reduce by forty-three-point-five million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (43.5 MtCO2e) to stay on track for the net zero by 2050 target. But under the latest projections - calculated before the election - the policies and plans that were in place would fail to meet the budget by more than twenty tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (20 MtCO2e). The Commission's chair, Rod Carr, spoke to Ingrid Hipkiss to explain some of the recommendations.