31 Aug 2022

Councillor on rising gang recruitment, gun violence

From Morning Report, 7:27 am on 31 August 2022

While gang recruitment has been on the increase in recent years, so has gun violence.

According to police data obtained by Morning Report under the Official Information Act, deaths and injuries caused by firearms are tracking towards an all time high in 2022.

There were ten murders or manslaughters involving a gun up until the end of July, compared to 11 in total last year, while the number of injuries is on course to surpass 300 in 2022.

While the number of gun offences is actually dropping, the rising injury count shows a willingness of people to use their firearms.

Auckland City councillor Alf Filipaina says the data backs up what he's seeing on the streets of South Auckland.

He spoke to Corin Dann.