23 Jul 2020

David Seymour on Winston Peters' leak accusation

From Morning Report, 7:42 am on 23 July 2020

ACT leader David Seymour says Winston Peters' claim he was involved in leaking his superannuation details is baseless.

Peters used Parliamentary Privilege to claim former National Party press secretary Rachel Morton told Seymour - who was her partner at the time - about his superannuation overpayment.

He claims Seymour then told the Taxpayers' Union's Jordan Williams - who passed it on to John Bishop - the father of National MP Chris Bishop - and right-wing blogger David Farrar.

Morton says the claims are categorically untrue, while Seymour says Peters is telling sleazy lies.

Chris Bishop dismissed them as a fabrication, Mr Williams described them as pure fantasy, and Farrar as insane.

ACT leader David Seymour speaks to Susie Ferguson.