27 May 2020

More protests expected in Hong Kong as government cracks down

From Morning Report, 6:16 am on 27 May 2020

More violence is expected in Hong Kong today, with a number of unions saying they will take to the streets to protest against a controversial new national security law.

Protests occurred over the weekend, with the police using tear gas to repel the protesters.

If carried out, the law would pave the way for Hong Kong's pro-democracy protestors to be charged with separatism and terrorism, and could see China set up intelligence agencies in Hong Kong for the first time.

Yesterday, Hong Kong's leader Carrie Lam defended China's new national security law for the territory.

Speaking at a media conference, she tried to allay concerns by standing up for the law, saying it is a "responsible" move to protect the law-abiding majority.

She described the worries of the protestors as just their "imagination". 

Beijing correspondent Patrick Fok spoke to producer Harry Lock earlier on about the response to Lam's comments.