2 Mar 2018

Antarctica endurance swimmer urges Air NZ to drop video

From Morning Report, 8:40 am on 2 March 2018

Yesterday on Morning Report we spoke to Nicholas Bennett whose father was the chief purser on the Air New Zealand DC10 which crashed into Mt Erebus in 1979, killing all 257 on board. He was upset that Air New Zealand has chosen to feature nearby Scott Base in its latest safety video. It turns out our interview with Nicholas Bennett was heard in South Africa by British endurance swimmer Lewis Pugh who is also the United Nations' Patron of the Oceans. Lewis Pugh is no stranger to the Antarctic himself, having swum the Ross Sea - clad only only in his trademark speedos. He later helped broker the establishment of a Marine Protected Area in the Ross Sea. He also has strong feelings about Air New Zealand's video and he's on the line from Cape Town.