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10:30 New Zealand's Covid-19 testing needs to ramp up

The Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield has admitted the Ministry of Health is falling well short of its Covid-19 testing target with just over 1600 people testing for coronavirus ysterday when the numbers should be closer to 4000.

Karyn speaks with Dr Vanshdeep Tangri from the Whanau Ora Community Clinic in Wiri South Auckland that's been testing for Covid-19 since April. The Wiri testing station has stepped up its testing since a man who travelled from New Zealand tested positive for Covid-19 in South Korea, confirmed he had visited Wiri before travelling to Seoul.

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Photo: RNZ / Dan Cook

10:40 Lunar loo: NASA crowd-sourcing for new space toilet design

As NASA prepares to send the first woman to the moon on Artemis by 2024, the agency is also looking to update its space toilets and is seeking help from the public. It's a big challenge, toilet design on spacecraft has been notoriously problematic, and the new lunar loo should be able to operate in both lunar gravity and microgravity. But there is a US$30,000 prize up for grabs. NASA Lunar Loo project manager Michael Interbartolo discusses the complexities of doing number twos in space.

NASA is crowd-sourcing ideas for a new space toilet

NASA is crowd-sourcing ideas for a new space toilet Photo: NASA