7 Apr 2024

Aminé Ramer: the vital role of the music supervisor

From Culture 101, 2:00 pm on 7 April 2024


Amine Ramer

Amine Ramer Photo: Supplied - Blair Alexander

If you think of your favourite film, chances are there’s a pivotal scene driven by music or a killer soundtrack. Either way, you can thank the work of a music supervisor. 

Auckland and LA-based Aminé Ramer has been speaking at this weekend’s Big Screen symposium. A music supervisor and consultant for more than 15 years, Ramer has worked on television, films and documentaries. Her films include The November Man, Crip Camp, Red White & Brass, Shantaram and more recently, Bob Marley: One Love.

Ramer had been heading towards a science-based career in New Zealand before moving to LA. It was there she started working as a booking agent, before someone suggested music supervision. At the time, the role wasn't well known as a job.

Beyond creating and influencing the mood in a project, there’s also a business side to music supervision: knowledge of licensing, clearances, fees, budgets, managing relationships with labels and staying ahead of the curve in knowing new artists and composers.  

Aminé Ramer spoke to Culture 101’s Perlina Lau about working in Hollywood, and getting New Zealand music into film and television internationally.