26 Nov 2021

Bank opts for woollen carpet

From Country Life, 9:21 pm on 26 November 2021
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The chief executive of Rabobank was so determined its new Hamilton HQ would have wool carpet he arranged for it to be craned in.

Todd Charteris says it was suggested synthetic carpet squares would be more appropriate because rolls of carpet were too big to be carried in the lift.

He wasn't having a bar of it.

Rabobank specialises in rural banking and is relocating its head office from Wellington to the third and fourth floors of a central Hamilton building.

"I thought we need to find another way around that so, because it was a new build, we managed to get the timing right and the rolls of carpet were lifted in with a crane through one of the windows that hadn't been put in (yet)."

Todd says it should soon be a lot easier for businesses to insist on wool for their premises.

"What is evolving in the wool industry is that soon you will be able to get carpet tiles made of wool carpet.

"I mean it's such a good product; sustainable, produced on farm, produced locally and I really implore all companies to think about it."

Rabobank sourced 3000kg of wool from three of its clients to be woven into the carpet.

Sheep farmers are hoping returns for wool will lift.  The wool cheque no longer covers the cost of shearing and farmers are now paying $2 a sheep to have the wool removed.

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Photo: RNZ/Carol Stiles