25 Dec 2014

A Christmas Carol Ballet

From Christmas Day, 9:30 am on 25 December 2014

RNZB dancers in A Christmas Carol credit Evan Li
Royal New Zealand Ballet dancers in A Christmas Carol Photo: Evan Li.

Originally created for the UK's Northern Ballet company in 1992, the story is based on Charles Dicken's tale from 1843 written at a time when celebrating Christmas had been on the decline in Britain.

The ballet tells the story of the mean-spirited and miserly Ebenezer Scrooge who has lost the Christmas spirit and is warned by a visitation from his dead colleague Jacob Marley that he will be condemned like Marley, to endless torment and weighted down by heavy chains if he does not change his greedy and self-serving life.

Scrooge's dreams are then haunted by the ghosts of Christmas Past, present and future showing him what could have been, and what will come if he does not alter his views. 

He finally understands and changes his way – the embittered and maligned old man finds the generosity of spirit to regain his lost humanity and to share in the love of his fellow man. 

On stage the story is choreographed by Italian Massimo Moricone who came to New Zealand to work with the dancers and performed to the music of Carl Davis.

Katrina met up with five of the 11 New Zealand dancers of the 34-strong Royal New Zealand Ballet Company and spoke with them about performing and what they'll be up to at Christmas.

Adriana Harper Alayna Ng Harry Skinner and brothers Nathanael and Joseph Skelton
Dancers Adriana Harper, Alayna Ng, Harry Skinner and brothers Nathanael and Joseph Skelton. Image credit: Stephen A'Court.