9 Aug 2023

Psychologist says mother who killed daughters was feeling overwhelmed just hours before

From Checkpoint, 6:17 pm on 9 August 2023

A clinical pyschologist who interviewed Lauren Dickason says she was feeling overwhelmed hours before she killed her three children, believing she would not get a good psychiatric report, as required by Immigration New Zealand.

The events of the fateful day were detailed by the witness in the Christchurch High Court today, sparking tears from Dickason.

The 42-year-old admits killing her daughters Karla, Maya and Liane in 2021, but is pleading not guilty to their murders on the grounds of insanity and infanticide.

Testimonies from the final expert witnesses were heard today, both of whom believe the woman has a legitimate defence.

Our reporter Adam Burns was in court and a warning this story contains distressing content.