17 Oct 2017

Is Winston Peters a Very Hungry Caterpillar?

From Checkpoint, 6:08 pm on 17 October 2017

"Soon, the monarch butterfly will emerge", said New Zealand First MP Shane Jones of his leader this morning.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has since again revised the party's self-imposed deadline for forming a government. 

Mr Peters, his MPs and board have finished their second day of discussions - and with nary a whisper out of them all day, he has now announced the party will go back to National and Labour's leaders for more discussions.

Upon entering the party meeting this morning, Mr Jones said it was still a work in progress. 

"But nah, everyone should be confident. Soon, the monarch butterfly will emerge."

RNZ political reporter Craig McCulloch said that invites the question of whether Mr Peters is a very hungry caterpillar, and just how much he wants.

And of course, there's the question on everyone's mind ... when will he spread his wings?