1:10 First song: The Beths on Obama's summer playlist

Former US President Barack Obama has just released his summer play list for 2023, something he does each year to share with followers what's been getting him through his leisure time.

Much to their surprise, The Beths have a track on there too. Liz Stokes talks to Jesse about coming to the former President's attention!

The Beths playing for NPR's Tiny Desk Concert series.

The Beths playing for NPR's Tiny Desk Concert series. Photo: Screenshot / NPR Tiny Desk Concert

1:15 Gore fashion designers heading to New Zealand Fashion Week

The Hokonui Fashion Design Awards in Gore have been running for over three decades, but things are bit different this year.

For the first time, category winners will head to the New Zealand Fashion Week runway.

Awards Chair Jacqui McKinney talks to Jesse about fashion in the deep south.

1:25 Special cat show in Palmerston North

Cat lovers will be having a great time in Palmerston North this weekend where there's a dedicated show for felines with a special category for the very popular Burmese breed.

The show itself has judges from Australia, Canada and New Zealand to evaluate each cat and give out prizes in categories for best in breed, judges' choice and supreme grand champion.

To explain more about show and why they're showcasing the Burmese in particular Genevieve Rogerson talks to Jesse.

Portrait of a cat (Photo by Eric Guilloret / Biosphoto / Biosphoto via AFP)


1:35 Parking problems shared on an app to help councils solve them

Mis-parked, parked or abandoned cars can cause huge disruption for other people, especially those with accessibility  requirements.

Auckland and Christchurch are the worst areas for mis-parked cars, based on data from a community app called Snap Send Solve. The app is designed to help people document and report issues which can then be sent to the council.

Steve Cousins is a wheelchair user in Christchurch.

17 June 2020, Brandenburg, Ludwigsfelde: A pictogram for a disabled parking space and a shadow of a person can be seen on the asphalt.

Photo: PATRICK PLEUL / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa Picture-Alliance via AFP

1:45 Freaky Friday stories from our listeners

Each week we ask listeners to send in stories that are chillingly creepy, spookily serendipitous, or just out-of-the-box weird.

This week we have two stories, one involving a 'ghost dog' and some eeries coincidences for Jennifer tracking down her great-great Grandfather.

If you have a story you want to share, text 2101 with a short version, or email afternoons@rnz.co.nz

A photo of a girl of 4 years at night time who looks afraid to go to sleep

Photo: Copyright: Evgeniya Kramar

2:10 Film Review with Dom Corry

This week Dom talks to Jesse about the two biggest movies of the year: Barbie and Oppenheimer.

2:20 NZ Live: Seth Haapu

This week for NZ Live we speak to 'Pacific soul' singer Seth Haapu.

He released his self-titled debut album in 2011, and almost 12 years later his full-length follow up 'WHAI ORA' is finally here.

In the time since he's put out a series of EPs and singles, which nabbed him Kaitito Waiata Māori Autaia Best Māori Songwriter at the Waiata Māori Music Awards in 2018.

On the new record he blends taonga pūoro with digital production and the lush, soulful sounds he's always been known for.

Seth Haapu

Seth Haapu Photo: supplied

3:08 Sam Parish's special secret ingredient bolognese

Today chef and author Sam Parish shares her own secret ingredients for a crowd pleasing bolognese.

She's also got a special event coming up in Christchurch at Odeon Restaurant. If you'd like a heart warming mid-winter brunch and ask Sam some questions in person - follow the link to get a ticket.

Today with Jesse Sam share's her bolognese and the secret stuff that makes it a guaranteed crowd pleaser. You can find how to make this at home here.

Sam Parish's secret ingredient bolognese

Sam Parish's secret ingredient bolognese Photo: supplied

3:16 Music 101: Kara Rickard

Kara Rickard is filling in this week as host of Music 101. She's on air from 1pm tomorrow afternoon and to about what's happening on the music scene over the weekend. She shares with Jesse  what's coming up on the show because Friday is new music day - she's picked a track to play.

3:25 DIY with Stan Scott

Given the weekend forecast it might be a good idea to get stuck into any DIY projects inside the house this weekend.

If you have any that you need a bit of advice on builder Stan Scott is back this week to help you. Text any questions to 2101 or email jesse@rnz.co.nz.

No caption

Photo: Paul le Comte - five15design

3:35 Critter of the Week: Banks Peninsula tree wētā

This week's critter is the rarest of our seven tree wētā species (Hemideina). The Banks Peninsula tree wētā (Hemideina ricta) is only found in a 200km2 patch of remnant native bush on Banks Peninsula. Wētā frass (poop) plays an important role in the ecosystem - it helps disperse native seeds and creates nutrient rich soil.

Banks Peninsula tree wētā

Banks Peninsula tree wētā Photo: Mike Bowie

3:45 The Panel with Moata Tamaira and Chris Finlayson