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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 14 March 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Josh Burgess of New York nominated 'This Must Be the Place' by Talking Heads

1:15 Your Place Okaihau - a community of around 700, located 10 kilometers north of Kaikohe and 16 west of Kerikeri in the Bay of Islands

2:10 The Unopened Bottle - Sandy Doolan
In the 100 years since the Waihao Forks Hotel near Waimate opened, a few stories have been told but none as compelling as the one about Ted's bottle.  Ted d'Auvergne left the unopened bottle of beer when he left for the war in 1939, telling the pubican he would open it when he came back.  He never did. Ted died in Crete.
The unopened bottle is now in a special glass case, surrounded by poppies and had pride of place during the centennary celebrations over the weekend at Waihoa Forks. Sandy Doolan and her husband are the current publicans at theWaihoa Forks.

2:20  MedRecruit -  Sam Hazeldine
Silly University hijinks changed Sam Hazeldine's life forever.
In his last year of Medical School at Otago Unviersity, he was attempting a back flip off the wall outside the Captain Cook Tavern and landed on his head. In a coma for a couple of days, he wasn't expected to finish medical school. He did.
He wasn't  expected to return to competitive skiing at an international  level, but he did.
And no one expected him to create the country's biggest medical recruitment agency. But he did.
Sam Hazeldine has also been named best young entrepreneur of the year.
MedRecruit  connects Doctors looking for locum and other work with hospitals, mostly in Australia, looking for staff.

2:30 Auckland Arts Festival
In today's Festival Review slot; an East Coast boy becomes invincible, acrobatics arrive here from the streets of Colombia, and some strange undoings emerge from Scotland.
We critique the plays I, George Nepia and The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart and circus show Urban.

2:45 Feature Album - America Pie - Don McLean  (1971)

3:10 Britain's first birth control clinic - Lucy Burns of BBC Witness
In March 1921, Marie Stopes opened Britain's first birth control clinic in London. The Mother's Clinic in Holloway offered advice to married mothers on how to avoid having any more children. Hear testimonies on the early days of birth control in Britain from the BBC archive

3:20 The Avon Loop - Deb Nation (ex Costar 10'06)
Back to the 70's the late Elsie Locke and Rod Donald helped to create one of Christchurch's strongest riverside communities. The Avon Loop now subject to post earthquake re-classifation and demolition, is the subject of today's Vault with Deborah Nation.

3:30 Our Changing World - Many of us have favourite local beach or stretch of coast that we visit regularly. But how well do we actually know it?
The New Zealand Marine Studies Centre at the University of Otago is challenging people to get down and intimate with their local rocky shore and really find out what's there.
The challenge is called Marine Metre Squared, and science communication student Gerard Barbalich heads to the beach with Sally Carson and Kimberley Collins to find out how it works.

4:06 Sir Bruce Slane and Jonathan Krebs are on The Panel today. We'll have a report from Rome on the day of white smoke, we'll discuss the bill that may make public servants immune from lawsuits, the police close down a big precinct in downtown Auckland just as things start to get more and more unruly, to the dismay of retailers who doubt the assurances of a continuing police presence, the Zac Guildford media conference, the Government reverses ouit of a previous position on the carpark tax, and a concert-goer texcting during an orchestral performance of Beethoven sparks a mjaor internet discussion about whether this is the era of distraction and we may as well get used to it.