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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 15 October 2012

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Glen Bennett of New Plymouth nominated 'Forever Autumn'  from The War of the Worlds.

1:15 8 Months To Mars - Writer, director, playwright and actor, Fiona Samuel

2:10 - Fish and Chip Fuel - Paul Quinn
For years Paul Quinn worked as a mechanic in the automotive trade in Christchurch. These days he drives water taxis and lives in Picton.
There's a link between the two...the cost of fuel…which led Paul Quinn from one thing to another…including his new business in biofuels.

2:20 - Meat Mail - David Booth.
Their names are David and Harry - they sound like they could be a comedy act.
In fact, they're two young students in Dunedin studying law and commerce who've come up with a great little business idea - delivering good quality meat to their fellow students. Every Sunday they make deliveries in their refrigerated truck around the student quarter in North Dunedin.

2:30 Reading - Shaggy Dogs and other stories"

This afternoon - the first of five stories in which David Marshall - fresh from university - records the months of his working life as a vet on the South Island's West Coast. ... Bruce Phillips reads the opening chapter of "Shaggy Dogs and other stories"

2:45 Feature Album - Pretenders - the debut album by UK new wave band, The Pretenders, from 1979

3:10 High Country Legacy - Sue Aspinall 
The story of Mt Aspiring high country station and the Aspinall family, who've farmed the isolated, mountainous landscape for four generations. Sue Aspinall has been on the station longer than any other woman in its history.

Book details:

High Country Legacy by Alex Hedley
Release Date:    19/10/2012

3:35 Our Changing World - Ross Sea Protection - Veronika Meduna
New Zealand's proposal to place parts of the Ross Sea under protection has sparked a debate. Is this about conservation versus fishing, or WITH fishing? Find out what's at stake in the Ross Sea.

4:06 The Panel - Nevile Gibson and Scott Yorke.
The security of the information that Government departments hold about us. First it was ACC, now it's the WINZ kiosks, the Ministry of Social Development as well ..That amazing skydiving feat today by Felix Baumgartner from 24 miles up; we'll analyse just how amazing it was. Moral dilemmas aplenty to be discussed too .. Should convicted child abusers be prevented from having children? ... Should we be obsessing over feeding children in schools if there is no relationship between doing that and having them learn better? ... Should McDonalds toilets have cameras in them to prevent vandalism and what does that say about the levels of civilised behaviour in our society now? ...  Your thoughts welcome on these topics in advance of discussion.