30 Jan 2024

Bad weather dampens travel plans for Tuvalu MPs

From , 6:03 am on 30 January 2024
Male holding Tuvalu flag. Voting concept

Tuvaluans will cast their votes to fill the 16-member parliament when polls open from 8am till 4.30pm Friday, local time. Photo: 123RF

Bad weather after last week's election in Tuvalu has delayed travel to the capital for outer island MPs ahead of a prime ministerial election.

Senior electoral officer Semi Malaki says official results released on Saturday saw 10 MPs returned from the last parliament along with six newcomers.

Malaki says ships due to depart Funafuti this morning to collect MPs from other islands were not able to leave because of stormy weather.

RNZ Pacific Editor Koroi Hawkins spoke with Semi Malaki and began by asking him how last week's election went.