Tahiti told nuke compo work to restart in September

3:03 pm on 29 August 2017

French Polynesian leaders have again been told that the French nuclear compensation commission CIVEN will hopefully resume its work within one month.

CIVEN's Alain Christnacht (middle)

CIVEN's Alain Christnacht (middle) Photo: supplied French Polynesia presidency

The comment was made by the head of CIVEN Alain Christnacht in talks with French Polynesia's president Edouard Fritch in Paris.

All work stalled in early July when CIVEN lost six of its nine members who resigned in response to a law change governing its work.

Mr Christnacht has again confirmed that two new members are about to be appointed to give CIVEN the minimum numbers to function.

Thousands of files are pending to compensate victims of the nuclear weapons tests which were carried out between 1966 and 1996.

This coincides with moves by French Polynesia's main church to pursue France for crimes against humanity.

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