19 Jul 2017

Tahiti nuclear test victim compensation process stalled

12:15 pm on 19 July 2017

The examination of compensation claims for French Polynesia's nuclear test victims has reportedly been stopped.

Nuclear test

Nuclear test Photo: Supplied

This follows the mass resignation of doctors from CIVEN, the French committee charged with compensating victims.

Radio1 in Tahiti says six of CIVEN's nine members quit at its meeting on Monday, reportedly over the French law change to eliminate the term 'negligible risk.'

The report says the specialised doctors found that they were no longer needed to supply scientific expertise to determine the validity of claims.

The law change meant that the conditions to be eligible for compensation were loosened, countering long-standing complaints that the law had been too restrictive.

Earlier this month, the French prime minister Edouard Philippe suggested that CIVEN meet under the auspices of the health minister Agnes Buzyn in order to re-examine all cases that had been rejected.

The resignations mean that the government needs to reconstitute CIVEN for it to resume its work.

In March, a French veterans organisation said it feared that the law change could spark mass resignations at CIVEN.