12 Apr 2016

Wallis prepares to install a new king

3:06 pm on 12 April 2016

The island of Wallis is gearing up for the installation of Tominiko Halagahu as the new king this weekend.

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Photo: AFP

The enthronement of the king of Uvea follows a two-year vacancy created by the removal of Kapeliele Faupala.

The upcoming ceremomy was announced in a televised programme by a traditional minister earlier this month.

Tominiko Halagahu, who is 57, is from a royal family traced back more than a dozen generations and well into pre-colonial times.

The French territory had a long-serving king Tomasi Kulimoetoke who ruled from 1959 until his death in 2007.

Last month, the kingdom of Sigave on the island of Futuna chose Eufenio Takala as its king, ending a seven-year vacancy.

Wallis and Futuna has three tradional kings recognised by the French republic.